Mohammed Al Amoudi Net Worth in 2022

Mohammed Al Amoudi

Mohammed Al Amoudi Net Worth: Mohammed Al Amoudi is an Ethiopian-born entrepreneur that is one of the richest black people in the world. Mohammed Al Amoudi’s net worth has been provided as low as $6 billion and also as high as $13 billion in recent times. Mohammed Al Amoudi earned his total assets through net worth for his building and construction, realty, oil refineries, and other organizational endeavors.

Mohammed Al Amoudi Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height, Biography & More:

Full NameMohammed Hussein Ali Al-'Amoudi
Date of Birth July 21, 1946
Age75 Years Old
Born in Dessie, Ethiopia
Height1.65 m
Weight80 kg
Wife: Sofia Saleh Al Amoudi
ProfessionBusinessman, Politician
Net Worth$13 Billion
Nationality Saudi
Home TownRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
Last Update November 2021

He was birthed in Dessie, Ethiopia, and has been making transactions given that 1974 and also is still active. Mohammed Al-Amoudi made his very first lot of money in Saudi Arabian buildings and also property.

mohammed al amoudi net worth

He parlayed this money into an empire that consists of mining as well as oil interests in Ethiopia, Sweden, and Morocco. All told, his conglomerate brings in billions in income annually. Mohammed Al-Amoudi Total assets manage 70% of Ethiopia’s oil as well as create 4 tons of gold yearly.

Mohammed Al Amoudi was born in the Ethiopian city of Dessie as well as raised in a community called Woldia. He at some point emigrated to Saudi Arabia with his sibling. Today he divides his time between London as well as Saudi Arabia. Mohammed Al Amoudi is married to Soniat Saleh Selassie Al Amoudi as well as together they have eight youngsters.

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